Shrapnel, The World’s First Blockchain Shooter Game

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2 min readDec 23, 2021

December 23, 2021 | Leslie Michael Jr. | Crypto Coin Show

Shrapnel, The World’s First Blockchain Shooter Game

The Seattle-based video game studio Neon recently closed a $10.5M round of fundraising to build the world’s first blockchain shooter game called Shrapnel.

Neon comes from a pedigree almost entirely from AAA BAFTA and Emmy award-winning game developers from multiple decades that wanted to do something more interesting together. Team members worked and had leadership roles in some of the biggest popular game franchises like Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Crackdown, and Call of Duty.

Neon has been focused on this caliber of entertainment, but now in the blockchain space.

Mark Long, CEO at Neon spun the company out of HBO Interactive. He said that the market research showed that players want to truly own their digital items. That was, Long noted, a clear sign there was a unique opportunity in the blockchain.

Their laser focus is on Shrapnel, including the development of a high-stakes treasure hunting community.

A slogan of the first person shooter AAA blockchain game is Collect, survive, extract.

Players can make, own and sell their weapon skins, maps, and more. NFTs will be incorporated into the game through multiple different layers of asset classes of things that people can customize and share with the community.

Ashton Addison spoke to Don Norbury, Neon’s CTO and Head of Studio at Shrapnel, to discuss Neon’s Game Studio, the first AAA Blockchain enabled first person shooter game, Shrapnel, how it incorporates Web 3, blockchain, NFT’s and more. We discuss how to get involved with the community as more updates for Shrapnel are released.

Here is the full interview on the Crypto Coin Show to learn more.

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