On League of Ancients Becoming A Modern-Day Blockchain Success

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January 24, 2021 | Leslie Michael Jr. | Crypto Coin Show

On League of Ancients Becoming A Modern-Day Blockchain Success — Blockchain Interviews

League of Ancients, the MOBA NFT play-to-earn blockchain game converges reality and virtual worlds into one. The game allows gaming communities, eSports ambassadors & players, and game builders to build a virtual metaverse ecosystem.

“That’s really the dream for us. To create a platform for not just the crypto communities, but also reaching different communities to get them to play mobile games that many are already familiar with, even if they aren’t crypto enthusiasts just yet,” explains Joseph Chong, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at League of Ancients

Ashton Addison spoke with Chong on their blockchain game, the growth of the platform since the release three months ago, NFT drops, the upcoming player marketplace, the LOA token, and what else to expect from League of Ancients in 2022.

The whole play-to-earn idea behind League of Ancients was born from a team that grew up playing games like Dota and League of Legends. “ All these hours we played, we don’t exactly get anything in return.”

League of Ancients is trying to break away from the idea of just playing a game.

Games like Dota and League of Legends have a huge population playing the game. When it comes to making money out of it, Chong explains, a lot of times about 1% of the total community actually get to make money from it.

League of Ancients designed the game trying to figure out how to make it an even playing field. They want to give more users the chance to own more NFTs rather than them being owned by a few, even after spending so much time and money to play the game.

The team is giving the community, which has embraced the project, a chance to dictate the price of these NFTs in the crypto marketplace. The more hours spent on the game, the more rewards are available for the time spent playing.

League of Ancients Gameplay demo

Many of the members joining the community at the beginning were already crypto enthusiasts. They were people who see the potential of the game project, mainly because they know how NFT games work in general.

Having a mobile game on a NFT blockchain is what sets League of Ancients apart.

The team is also reaching out to the community beyond the crypto world who may not be as familiar with NFT gaming, but are fans of similar past and current games.

Players can play the game for free using the regular heroes. When players have the NFT skins, that would be more meaningful toward increase their earning power, depending on the value of the NFT character.

“What we are expecting in this NFT marketplace is that we allow our community members to be able trade with one another.”

The NFT sales have been beyond their expectations.The team is trying to keep the NFTs as limited as possible to create scarcity in the marketplace. As players make progress in the game they can access different NFTs for their effort.

“We were a bunch of passionate friends that loved mobile games.”

Where they are today is also something beyond League of Ancients’ expectations; especially the team members and loyal partners who have supported them throughout the journey.

In early 2022, the League Of Ancients expects the marketplace to be fully open and game launch is expected to come later in Q3.

Here is the full interview of Joseph Chong, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at League of Ancients, with Ashton Addison, on the Crypto Coin Show to learn more.

On League of Ancients Becoming A Modern-Day Blockchain Success — Blockchain Interviews

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