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On this episode of the Crypto Coin Show, I’ll overview the Crypto Hunt Game, A game where you can hunt for treasure and receive cryptocurrencies in Augmented Reality. The game includes adventuring, making face to face interactions, cooperating with others in the real world and adds in educational and financial incentives for players.

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The Crypto Hunt game is similar to Pokemon Go in that as you play you adventure around the real world and capture virtual objects. Crypto hunt has added in financial incentives to playing the game, where cryptographic CryptoHunt tokens built on Ethereum can be claimed and earned for completing tasks, missions, and achievements inside the crypto hunt game. The goals of the team behind this project are to create an environment where people get ahead while playing video games get active while also bringing awareness to the benefits of incorporating cryptocurrencies as a financial alternative, seriously earning real funds while playing games.

The Crypto Hunt team has completed in depth research on the Game theory behind this style of game and realize the majority of people give up on specific games after the first month, and many only play it even once, so they’ve set it up to bring success to the players through two different incentive mechanics unique to the crypto sphere.

First, they’ve created a Proof of Care consensus whereby users can whitelist for the cryptohunt ICO by submitting an idea, photograph, social media post, or something that requires a tiny bit of effort in order to show their interest in the opportunity to participate in the project earlier than the majority public. This Proof of Care will continue as the application is being developed and is live as an incentive to grow the game, as well as another PoC, proof of cheat, whereby users reporting bugs and other ways to circumvent the application are rewarded with a bug bounty, which should increase the delivery speed of the full working application with the communities help.

Cryptohunt tokens are used specifically inside the cryptohunt game. Players earn coins through tasks and challenges, selling objects in the marketplace, and through other methods. However, coins will slowly decay from inactive accounts that don’t log into the game for a while in a sort of token burn, to increase the value of tokens and encourage people to play, increasing that aforementioned gamer retention.

they’ve also implemented a buyback system. The first $750,000 made from the ICO plus 80% of revenue from sponsors and partnerships will go directly towards buying back CH tokens from Crypto Hunt players To simulate more scarcity and grow the demand of CH tokens.

The game demo launches February 20th and our ICO is March 1st through 15th. The demo is will be available on IOS and Android. To test it out you need to join the crypto hunt telegram group in the description below, submit a POC form and then when its ready you can play the demo and those who complete all 10 levels of the demo can receive an additional 10% bonus on during the ICO.

They also plan to introduce a Cryptohunt debit card later on to increase the liquidity of tokens and be able to spend tokens directly or withdraw at ATMs

The project is backed by the Crypto hunt team, including the CEO Sascha Srdoch who founded of multiple mobile apps and services like Morch, a model booking app, truth or dare, the only truth or dare online game,, a postcard selling app and is considered one of the top crypto experts in Croatia. The CFO Milan Urosevic has almost 2 decades of experience in the financial industry, including being the COO at Safe invest for 5 years which is a leading financial service provider in central and Eastern Europe. Bruno Skvorc is the CTO and blockchain developer for crypto hunt who is very involved in web development and the gaming industry. Sasa Zrna is the lead game developer and software engineer with experience on mobile app development. Ivan Voras is the lead backend developer with a PhD in computer science with experience in blockchain development, OS kernel development and hardware solutions for IoT. On the Crypto Hunt advisory board sits Joe Blackburn, the creator and founder of crypto coin trader, one of the largest online crypto communities around, as well as Ivo Ugrina, who has a PhD in Mathematics and Masters in computer science and math with over 15 years of IT experience.

Crypto Hunt is having a tokensale of the cryptohunt tokens, so let’s break down the ICO details. Out of a total of 500 million tokens, 60% are going to the token sale contributors, 20% are for platform and game rewards, 13.5% remains for the company, 3.5% for advisors and partners, and 3% for the bounty and rewards program. The soft cap of the ICO is 10 million, with the hardcap at 15 million American. As for the allocation of the funding, 55% of the contributions will be allocated to game development, web development, and design and blockchain integrations. 20% is allocated for the long term development of the platform. 15% is for marketing and advertising campaigns, 5% is for a token buyback fund, and 5% remains for legal expenses. Anyone is able to participate in the ICO, including US , China and Singapore citizens. If you want to learn more, check out their site at

Would you play CryptoHunt for the fun of Augmented reality games, and are you incentivized to play if you can end up making money or cashing out CH tokens for something tangible? Let me know in the comments below.

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