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January 6, 2021 | Leslie Michael Jr. | Crypto Coin Show

H3RO3S (Heroes) provides a fun and interactive online platform where friends and strangers are able to complete tasks for one another to gain tokens.

H3RO3S s the first real life play-to-earn we’ve seen recently with the metaverse creation boom, about living a life inside an alternate reality,” says CEO Gregory Crous.

H3RO3S focuses on the social aspect of the play-to-earn process.

Ashton Addison spoke to Gregory Crous to discuss their real life play-to-earn platform, how people can start earning cryptocurrency from doing real life tasks, plans for incorporating the metaverse and NFT’s into the platform, their 30 year plan, the upcoming launch of H3RO3S token and platform, and how to get involved.

People are social individuals. According to Crous, H3RO3S creates opportunities to encourage people to foster their talents and receive crypto rewards for helping others with those talents, among their social surroundings.

“You are using your phone. You are connected with people. You are focussing yourself by doing tasks with other people and developing what your talent actually is.”

The example Crous uses for H3RO3S is a student needing help with an assignment for their professor. They can hire a tutor or ask a friend to help. If they ask a friend instead, and offer to pay that friend for the tutoring, the friend might say no because they’re buddies, and do it for free.

When the same student asks the same friend through H3RO3S, the student can reward that friend with crypto, for doing the same task the friend would have done for free anyway.

Here is the full interview of Gregory Crous, CEO of H3RO3S with Ashton Addison, on the Crypto Coin Show to learn more.

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