Gaming The Loyalty Of Sports Through XMANNA

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December 15, 2021 | Leslie Michael Jr. | Crypto Coin Show

Gaming The Loyalty Of Sports Through XMANNA

XManna is bringing blockchain games to the masses one stadium at a time.

XManna digitizes the sports stadium ecosystem while integrating major blockchain games for fans to interact.

The blockchain group partners with major pro sport stadiums looking for solutions to hold their fan’s attention.

Ashton Addison spoke with Steve Stein, CEO of xManna and his team to discuss the NFT gaming and metaverse platform, the XMAN token, and their partnership with an upcoming sports league.

“We have partnered with major pro sports stadiums who are looking for solutions to hold their fan’s attention.”

Steve Stein, CEO of xManna — Gaming NFT Sports Engagement | Blockchain Interviews

“We are launching this season which is incredible. We are bringing blockchain gaming to the stadiums. Like literally, one stadium after the other, introducing a whole NFT ecosystem, the metaverses, connecting real world properties into everything the crypto community has to offer.” Stein says.

XManna met with about a hundred different clubs and leagues from around the world. From the New Zealand All Blacks to Mumbai Indians, trying to understand what their challenges are.

Competing in their different hackathons, xManna was able to understand the concept of how to bring this to market the right way. With incredible results, the blockchain group went live with a Proof of Capacity (POC), testing out to see how to launch this in a sports ecosystem.

“We are going to have a stadium of 15,000 people. They are going to take out their phones, and they are going to be shooting each other in a game called Mannawars and whoever gets the highest points is going to be walking out with over 1,500 prizes. One out of ten people! Now that’s a completely different experience when you think about gamificaltion.” Stein added.

“When you incentivize people, through our business mode. We believe that when you put a certain percentage, 40% of our net profits to the next day’s incentives, we can encourage people to take incredible action.”

Xmanna gives sports clubs a white labelled loyalty application. It’s already built and already ready to go.

In 2022 xManna is going live. Built on Polygon, the blockchain group is bridging the XMAN token to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Solana, and other prime networks.

Here is the full interview of Steve Stein, Co-Founder & CEO of xManna and the team, with Ashton Addison, on the Crypto Coin Show to learn more.

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