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4 min readJan 18, 2022

January 18, 2021 | Leslie Michael Jr. | Crypto Coin Show

Samuel Stebbins, CEO & Founder of Space Misfit Game | Blockchain Interviews

Space Misfits is a fun multi-player blockchain game launching early 2022. The game is a space themed first person shooter blockchain game with GameFi functions.

“We’re not just creating a space game. We are creating a first person shooter inside. It’s just going to be a fun space game to play,” explains Samuel Stebbins, CEO & Founder of Space Misfits

Ashton Addison spoke with Stebbins to discuss the growing community and growth of the game, the upcoming launch of the player driven marketplace, their two token ecosystem and the IDO for their token launch in January of 2022

The team at Space Misfits is creating a lot of games inside that are all going to be wrapped inside the same storyline.

Space Misfits is something that is potentially going to be awesome with a lot of different gameplay coming out.

The CG generated worlds allow players to immerse themselves inside to fight on PCs, fight each other, and just battle it out for resources out in space.

There’s a lot of play-to-earn games that skip the whole play part. Space Misfits wants to be able to say that even if play-to-earn wasn’t there, players would still play because it’s fun.

Stebbins believes players having fun is an important aspect for mass adoption because the crypto and gaming markets are all over the place.

“If you’re creating a game that is only to earn then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Our balance comes from we want to bring on the traditional gamer that wants to come on and play a really fun game, then learn about the blockchain and play-to-earn.”

Space Misfits Trailer ONLY BATTLES

Space Misfits is taking advantage of the NFT implementation of play-to-earn.

Players are not actually buying a ship when they buy a NFT from Space Misfits. They’re buying a blueprint. That blueprint allows players to buy as many ships as they want. Those ships are in the marketplace.

Players as they get better at crafting ships, and then place those ships on the player-driven marketplace can sell them for Space Misfit tokens to other players who don’t own the blueprints and can’t build. It basically gives them a right to become a builder in the game.

The Space Misfits token ecosystem consists of two tokens.

First is a staking token which launches January 2022. Second is a DAO token which is going to be used in the marketplace.

New players pick up tokens from the exchange and can buy ships from the marketplace. The builders need BITS, an in-game currency that can only be earned in the game. Space Misfit BITS can be used to purchase fuel and services other specific things in the game. Players can decide their own fate in-game. Become a successful trader, a fearless and ruthless pirate or mine their way to glory.

Space Misfits has plenty going for it in regards to NFTs, tokens and marketplaces. Yet the team is truly relying on how fun the game play is in order to maintain a strong balance in the community for the long term. So far the feedback from players has shown many are willing to play the game for hours at a time.

Here is the full interview of Samuel Stebbins, CEO & Founder of Space Misfit, with Ashton Addison, on the Crypto Coin Show to learn more.

Samuel Stebbins, CEO & Founder of Space Misfit Game | Blockchain Interviews
Space Misfits

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