BLOCKv Advancing The Future Of NFTs Through Vatoms

BLOCKv Advancing Future NFTs Through Vatoms

With the boom of NFTs, Reeve Collins’ vision is taking flight toward where the crypto space is potentially heading.

Ashton Addison spoke to the CEO and Co-Founder of BLOCKv to discuss their dynamic NFTs, the Vatom Network, partnering with major brands and enterprises, how the Metaverse fits in, VEE coin, and how to get involved.

Vatoms are scarce digital goods of value that are unique, ownable, redeemable, and tradable across the virtual space.

Take a token which is tradable, and scarce. Then add highly programmable characteristics to it in order to have a very engaging digital object.

BLOCKv platform enables users to do extraordinary things with NFTs.



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